Lake County Tribal Health Consortium (LCTHC) continues to be a leader in healthcare services.  Our CPSP (Prenatal Services Program-4P’s Plus) is being used as a model to other organizations to provide pregnancy support to Native American women who struggle with substance use, domestic violence depression, smoking, and stressors in life during their pregnancy.  The prenatal program was organized by the LCTHC Medical and Human Services Departments, along with other community nonprofit organizations who serve pregnant and parenting Native American women. 

In Northern California a county wide screening from pregnant women served to reveal that 63% of women used tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications a month prior to knowing they were pregnant.  Substance use by Native American pregnant women and their partners lack of access to transportation, and limited trust for non-Native prenatal providers, combined with little knowledge about the importance of prenatal care, all drove the need for this project at LCTHC and in the community.  Today, LCTHC works hard to serve all  pregnant mothers and women who can become pregnant with the right information to protect their unborn child and also themselves from substance abuse, domestic violence, depression, smoking and harmful stressors in life.  Read full article here: (


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